Groom’s vehicle crushes 12-year-old to death


According to police officials, a teenage boy was killed when he was hit by a car during a wedding procession.

The driver fled the scene and the body has been taken for further investigation.

In a separate incident, a man was killed and another person was injured in a shooting in Karachi’s Keamari district.

The shooting took place near Massan Chowrangi as a wedding procession was returning home from Malir. The groom, Asfandyar, was injured and a 12-year-old boy was killed.

The police have not yet filed a report on the incident or taken statements from the groom or his family. A police official suggested that the shooting may have been motivated by personal enmity. He stated that the shooter, a cousin of the bride, was upset that she was marrying someone else instead of him, as she had been promised to him in childhood by her father.


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