Australia’s PM criticizes explanation for aid workers’ deaths as “not good enough” | Israel’s actions in Gaza scrutinized


Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese criticized Israel’s explanation for the killing of seven aid workers in Gaza as inadequate and demanded full accountability in a call with Benjamin Netanyahu. Albanese expressed outrage over the attack, which resulted in the death of Australian woman Zomi Frankcom and six other employees of World Central Kitchen. He stated that Netanyahu’s remarks about innocent casualties in war were unacceptable and called for accountability in accordance with international humanitarian law. Albanese emphasized that aid workers should be able to provide assistance without fear for their lives and demanded a transparent investigation into the incident. Netanyahu had claimed the killings were unintended, but reports indicated that Israeli drones had targeted the aid workers despite their clear identification as part of a humanitarian organization. WCK CEO Jose Andres confirmed that the employees were attacked systematically, raising further concerns about the tragic event.


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