7 days of complete closure of all tandoors in Quetta over disputes on the price of bread


Quetta: Due to the ongoing strike by the Tandoor Association for the past 7 days, the citizens of Balochistan’s capital are facing severe difficulties.
According to details, the Tandoor Association has been on strike for the past 7 days in protest against the local administration’s decision to reduce the price of bread and other actions.
The chairman of the Tandoor Association, Naeem Khalji, said that they had offered the district administration to sell 200 grams of bread for 35 rupees, but the administration refused to accept it and instead reduced the price to 25 rupees.
He said that if we sell bread at such a low rate, we will not even cover the cost of purchasing the raw material. Naeem Khalji said that the strike will continue until our demands are accepted.


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