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عمران خان کا خوف: نواز شریف، زرداری اور مولانا الیکشن سے دوڑنے لگے؟ اسرائیل پہ پاکستان کا دباو؟

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Nawaz, Zadari and Maulana running from Elections? Increasingly it looks like that fear of Imran Khan’s popularity is driving them into a fear of elections and they are thinking of creating excuses to delay the elections. But till what time? And what will happen to the guarantees given by Establishment to the western powers and the IMF?

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Moeed Pirzada, Editor Global Village Space, is a prominent TV Anchor and strategic Analyst. He studied International Relations at School of Internatioal and Public Affairs, Columbia University New York and was later a Brittanica Chevening Scholar at London School of Economics & Political Studies (LSE) where he studied law. Earlier he served in Central Superior Services (CSS) in Pakistan.

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